Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wait for me.

Simply picture, simply upload and simply publish. Give me some time to update my blog! :))


Yea, he went back again. Specially for him.
我有你放在心上 生命就有了重量 风来也不会飘荡
一起看海枯石烂 一起等地老天荒
慢慢爱 不慌不忙
我有你守在身旁 眼睛就可以勇敢 看岁月怎么漫长
就算真海枯石烂 就算已地老天荒
还相爱 就没遗憾

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hiding in the comfortable room, switching on the air cond, sitting in front of the desk and facing the laptop. Perhaps, homelike feeling elevate my writing mood. Actually there is one more class on 4pm, not really want to go :( KILL me please! Promised someone will study hard but.../speechless. Still waiting for my friend's message. Well, my brain went blank again. mmm~ Oh ya, i have a lot of things to buy, those items that i written on my wish list is getting more and more. Digital camera and a new sunglasses- i want this two the most! Other is still can classified as small case. Hee. But what to do? My financial situation is not allowed :( HAHA that's why i need a part time job. So any jobs offer me? I think no. Actually not a good way because i'm still studying. This is really troublesome! Strongly want to graduate quickly, faster end this false starts and move to elsewhere. Okay, recently, many people asked me why i did not wear contact lenses, no matter in class or even an outing with friends, i have already answered several times! Last ya, nowadays my eyes would be very very uncomfortable when i wear contact lenses, i felt a little pain and my tears keep streaming down. I wonder why :( It is time to go for a eyes checking. So SAD :((

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hello! Such a long time no update my bloggie. Before this, i have set a goal that will updated my blog three times a week, but evidently plan failed again. Well, or i should say i never succeeded in my planS, i never let my plan goes smooth? I admit, this is fact :)) Okay, let's talk about today. Stupid thunder got me up on 5 40 something this morning, and i can't continue to sleep after this. So GOOD ==. I lay on bed for few hours, roll here and there, play games and blabla :D Although today got up very early, i'm still full of energy now. HAHA My new spectacle :( I don't like to change new spec actually, because this represents my degree of myopia enhanced again :( SAD la weyy. haihh. I want to take good care of my eyes! Phone radiation, laptop radiation * I want to stay away from you. Go away! XD
Recently put double effort on exercise. Hope that can hit my target as fast as possible. Both thigh muscles are still very pain :( but what to do? I'm not the perfect one, so must work harder than others.Lastly, strongly recommended. Pretty good in moisturizing.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


OMG! Today is the last day of June. Everything came too fast. OMG i really can't accept O.O Bye June and Hello July. Time flies :(( only ONE month left. Can i finished all the subjects in time? Can I? I feel stress. Sometimes, i think that my brain is really full of weeds. Useless thing i am. Each time only know to say- Oh! i'm stress. Oh! it's time to study. Oh! i need to put more effort. Oh! i want to get good result. WTH man! Have you work it Miss Tan? NO!! arhhhhh! Okay, feel better after express my feeling. well, still the same. What i have to do is ` Study. No choice :) HAHA :D Wake up very early today, so that i will not feel guilty to myself :) But i did nothing.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


First, a very big sorry to all my friends. Sorry for my hot temper and my petty. Yes I know, I'm totally not good in controlling temper and emotions. For this, very sorry, especially when i am in bad mood :( mmm, maybe i will speak loud to you guys, or reply with a very bad tones- but i did not mean that, really! So, in this post, i want to say sorry to her. Ya, SMEEK. I'm saying you. HAHA! Sorry for today i 'huat siao' again, you know laa, today's weather is hot plus i'm really sleepy, forgive me bahh :)) hee. Perhaps, you have been accustomed to my bad temper. muahaha :D Heart you anyway.

I hurt my foot with my NAIL :( looks serious right? It's really serious. I think bath that time will be more pain. Haihh. Oh ya, there are almost 5 days holiday start from tomorrow. Don't know should be happy or sad. Trail exam is around the corner :( need to start my revision from now, or there's not enough time to prepare. JULY- coming very very very soon. Somebody tell me please! Why time pass so fast? I'm not ready yet :( However, time to sleep. Goodnight. Stay tuned.